How E.D.I.T. Works

E.D.I.T. is a four step process that can make marketing campaigns more effective, budget-friendly, and transparent. It allows improvement in your business by making your marketing efforts more result oriented through our systematic approach. In simple words, E.D.I.T. reduces your work while boosting performance!


1. Evaluate

You are looking to grow your business on social media and reach potential customers, but you must first find out when and where your customers are online, and how you can attract them. Knowing everything about your target audience and the effort needed to successfully reach them is the first step - Evaluate.

  • Dig deep into your passion and your 'Why'.
  • What sets you apart from the rest.
  • Who, exactly, your ideal customer is.

2. Develop

Once getting a clear picture of the ideal interaction between your passion, your brand and your customer, it is time to Develop a strategy that conveys that interaction. Here, it is essential to set up targets that tie back to your overall business goals for growth.

  • Devise a strategy in-line with the business goals.
  • Determine tools & digital assets required to implement the strategy.
  • Recommend timelines for campaigns.

3. Implement

You now have a scheduled outline with your strategy clearly tied into your goals, it is time for action, time to Implement your plan! This step not only includes execution of your campaigns, but monitoring them so they may be tweaked as needed to maintain interaction with your audience; your next customer.

  • Bring the plan into Action!
  • Keep close eyes on responses and views.
  • Split-test and improve if needed.

4. Track

Is your campaign producing the results you expected? Are you achieving your desired goals? The Track step records a comparison between expected result and the actual result, but it’s not limited to just that. It also uncovers areas of development in the current strategy, so you can improve upon it in the future. By recording data, providing reports, and meeting with you regularly, we help keep you and your business goals going.

  • Review and analyse data from all work done.
  • Build easy to read and understand report to owners.
  • Verify progress toward goals and recommend next strategy.
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